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Customer : Slimming World

Application: Pre-Deployment Application Testing

Product: INE Compact

Sean Chapman, from Slimming World “iTrinegy’s INE Compact has helped ensure that ‘XpressWeigh’ works for every Consultant throughout Slimming World and that we have been able to adapt the areas where the network was difficult, this has enabled us to guarantee a positive experience for all our Consultants. We continue to test with the iTrinegy emulator any new updates and also regression testing. This has been really useful when testing new code as the INE Compact catches any possible problems prior to rolling out any new updates.” Sean continues. “INE Compact has been a very useful addition and has helped us achieve, on time and within budget, exactly what we needed it to do. Our ‘XpressWeigh’ system has been successful due, in part, to iTrinegy’s network emulation technology which helped us understand the issues that the network throws our way.” (click here for the full story)

profiler new


Understand the networks you use and how they affect application performance




Mimic the worst possible network environments your application might encounter 




Adjust your application design strategy or migration accordingly. Tweak testing parameters & repeat



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