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Customer : APD Communications 

Application: Pre-Deployment Mobile Data Communications Testing & Problem Resolution

Product: INE Enterprise and Profiler Plus

Dan Ellis, from APD Communications: “By utilising iTrinegy’s network emulator in our development labs with our CORTEX ICCS (Integrated Communication Control System) product, we have been able to test our new VoIP TETRA Port Pooling solution over a variety of different simulated connections including ADSL, Satellite and congested LANs. With VoIP usage on the increase but with differing network conditions we have been able to reliably simulate customers’ environments and successfully re-factor the relevant code to address any problems.”

“We are currently using Profiler to provide a comprehensive view of our clients’ needs. Our support and onsite teams use the solution to help diagnose issues with customer networks to ensure these can be addressed and resolved – for example, we use it to create a simulation of satellite links for a mobile control room in Abu Dhabi. This will identify any network issues to ensure our CORTEX ICCS product works effectively in mission-critical circumstances”

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Understand the networks you use and how they affect application performance




Mimic the worst possible network environments your application might encounter 




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