NE-ONE Flex Virtual Appliance Network Profiler

NE ONE Flex Box VMWare Ready

The NE-ONE Flex Network Profiler has been specifically designed for organizations operating in a virtual environment where installing and configuring any physical appliance is not an option. It operates as a virtual appliance (essentially an NFV version of NE-ONE Network Profiler), allowing full network profiling in a virtualized world

The NE-ONE Flex Virtual Network Profiler enables you to quickly understand who is using your network, what it is being used for and how long operations take.  Profiler's network analytics can also be used together with iTrinegy’s NE-ONE Flex Virtual Network Emulator allowing you to recreate test networks based on your real-world experiences in the virtual world.

Certified as VMWare Ready™, NE-ONE Flex Network Profiler offers all the power and pedigree of the iTrinegy Networked Application Performance Measurement family. Features include:

  • Easy-to-use web GUI* purposely designed for non-network specialists 
  • Ability to quickly understand who, what and how much of your network is utilized
  • Predefined dashboards and reports
  • Rapid installation and configuration - usually less than 15 minutes
  • Ability to create network profiles for use in NE-ONE Flex Virtual Network Emulator


NE-ONE Flex Network Profiler shares the same easy-to-use GUI as the NE-ONE Profiler hardware appliance shown in this short video





The NE-ONE Flex Network Profiler Range comprises:

  • NE-ONE Flex Network Profiler: 2 x 1Gbps Detector Ports and can typically monitor 20,000 sessions per minute (up to 500 users accessing 50 servers)

NE-ONE Flex Network Profiler can be used in conjunction with NE-ONE Flex Network Emulator

Please see the NE-ONE Flex Profiler Product Sheet and NE-ONE Profiler Network Application Performance Measurement Options Summary for more information.

 * Compatible with the following operating systems and web browsers:

  • Apple Mac & iOS , Android, Linux, Windows XP - Windows 10
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, IE11





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UK. +44 (0)1799 252 200