Jagex Online Gaming Testing

Customer : Jagex Games Studio Jagex logo

Application: Online Games Testing & Problem Resolution

Product: NE-ONE Virtual Test Network

Mathew Burnett, Head of RuneScape CoreTech: “Our Operations Engineers are highly skilled but we need them to focus on core business rather than spending time trying to simulate appropriate network conditions. As a result, we were looking for a virtual test network that was quick to set up, easy to use and didn’t require the user to be a ‘network specialist’ to operate it.”

Willem Amoraal, IT Manager: “The cost of purchasing iTrinegy’s NE-ONE has easily been recovered in the savings in time we have achieved by not having to use our old in-house emulator. The ROI for us has been the real ease of use of the product and quick speed of set-up and deployment. However, the main benefit is the fact that we have been able to achieve a higher level of customer service which fits in with our philosophy of providing fantastic experiences for our community.”

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Profiler Plus Ensures Application Performance for the NHS in Yorkshire

Customer: NHS-logoNHS West & South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit

Application: Application Performance Monitoring & Network Troubleshooting

Product: Profiler Plus

Paul Simms, Network Support Manager, "We deployed iTrinegy’s Profiler Plus device onto the local network and began to monitor network performance over a period of seven days. We quickly established that the Clinical Systems response times over the NHS national network were well within acceptable levels - the cause of the performance problem was identified and quickly resolved”.  Paul continues, “Profiler Plus was able to produce a definitive list of the users and devices that had caused the bandwidth bottlenecks. After consultation with the Practice Manager and staff we quickly restored system access.  Profiler Plus has been used on a number of sites with similar performance related problems - all with positive outcomes.”

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AppQoS APM Delivers Cost Savings for IPF

Customer: International Personal Finance plc (IPF)   IPF-logo

Application: Application Performance Monitoring

Product: AppQoS

Clive Young, Network Architect “AppQoS was very easy to get going and I immediately started by measuring all of our web page response times. In the Czech Republic, it identified a 750K xml file was being loaded to every client PC at start-up and this took an average of 7.5s to serve. Discussions with our Focus application support partner have led to a re-write of the application code to minimise the size of the product catalogue downloaded at start-up. Success!"  

“A real bonus for IPF is that a WAN acceleration solution with significant initial implementation costs and associated on-going managed service costs to support it is not going to be required. AppQoS helped us show that we didn’t need this technology to ensure the performance of Focus and the company has saved significant money in the process!” (click here for the full story)

Slimming World Ensures Application Roll-out Success

Customer : Slimming World

Application: Pre-Deployment Application Testing

Product: INE Compact

Sean Chapman, from Slimming World “iTrinegy’s INE Compact has helped ensure that ‘XpressWeigh’ works for every Consultant throughout Slimming World and that we have been able to adapt the areas where the network was difficult, this has enabled us to guarantee a positive experience for all our Consultants. We continue to test with the iTrinegy emulator any new updates and also regression testing. This has been really useful when testing new code as the INE Compact catches any possible problems prior to rolling out any new updates.” Sean continues. “INE Compact has been a very useful addition and has helped us achieve, on time and within budget, exactly what we needed it to do. Our ‘XpressWeigh’ system has been successful due, in part, to iTrinegy’s network emulation technology which helped us understand the issues that the network throws our way.” (click here for the full story)

Capita Case Study

Customer: Capita Business Services

Application: Proof-of-Concept Testing for a Data Center Migration

Products: INE Enterprise & Profiler Plus

Steve Brankin, Data Centre Transition & Integration Manager, CapitaWe avoided a failed migration and understood that we would need to invest in thin client or WAN acceleration technologies to complete the task. All in all, it was a case of “money very well spent” on iTrinegy’s products, especially given that we could use them again on our on-going migration/virtualization projects and monitor the applications post migration with Profiler Plus too” (click here for full story)


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