The user experience is of paramount importance in online gaming. Therefore, games developers and publishers need to test how well their latest product is going to perform in the online environment.  iTrinegy’s network emulator products have played a key role in helping some of the world’s leading games software companies ensure that their applications overcome network characteristics such as high latencies and packet loss in order to deliver a positive user experience.
Our desktop network emulators have been used to help individual games developers test the online performance of their software at the desktop while our INE Enterprise product has been used to recreate multi-user networks similar to a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game situations.

Read our white paper “The Impact of Networks on Online Game Play” to find out more.

Case Study

Check out why Jagex Games Studio, developers of RuneScape, the world’s largest multi-player online role-playing game, chose iTrinegy's NE-ONE virtual test network to ensures a positive experience for their online community.


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